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Do you want your students to continue reading, yet they’re not ready for Cien años de soledad or La casa de los espíritus? Do you need something for heritage learners to ease them into the task of reading literary works in Spanish? Then try the stories from our bridge literature series. These well-crafted stories explore themes of relationships, spirituality, identity, coming of age, and many others, all with a focus on Latinos in the United States. Key features of the stories include:

  • 6,000–7,000 words

  • each story is divided into nine segments plus a prologue and epilogue for ease in assigning a part of the story for each class session

  • accompanying pre- and post-reading activities to help students with comprehension that can be easily adapted for in-class use or uploaded into your course management system

  • language culled from each segment for use in developing personalized in-class activities


Click on any image for a downloadable sample of the Prólogo and Segmento 1 of that story. Contact us for information on instructor resources and adoptions. Ask about discounts for school and departmental adoptions. 

Please note that all resources on this site are copyrighted and may not be duplicated, reproduced, or shared without permission.

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