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Bill VanPatten is an international scholar of second language acquisition and an award-winning teacher and writer. He is widely known among teachers for his many books (e.g., Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen, From Input to Output, While We're on the Topic....) and for his many contributions to language teaching materials (e.g., Destinos, ¿Sabías que...?, Sol y vento, Liaisons, Encore). Bill founded Input and More as a company to provide engaging and provocative fiction to intermediate students (university second-year, secondary fourth-year). He wanted students to read engaging works of fiction but native-speaker fiction was typically too high-level and challenging. To ease students into the reading of literary texts and to provide more input and content for language acquisition, Bill decided he would turn his talents in fiction-writing in English to his other language, Spanish. "Ángel" was the first story he wrote and piloted. The response from students and teachers was so positive Bill decided to keep on writing. Click here to view his personal website. 

My career, in a nutshell.

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