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Welcome to Input and More, where we are developing exciting concepts in fiction for students of Spanish. Our goal is to get our students excited about reading in their second or heritage language.


Currently we are offering two distinct series.


Cuentos cortos. These volumes contain short, flash-fiction pieces (each less than 400 words). Great for both secondary and university levels with the novice and intermediate-level learner in mind. Click here to find out more.


Bridge literature. These longer stories are targeted for intermediate-high and advanced-low levels and provide a bridge for easing students into reading original, native-speaking literature. Compelling and character driven, students and teachers alike find much in these stories. These stories are also great for introducing heritage learners into reading. Click here to find out more.


All stories are developed and written by award-winning teacher and scholar, Bill VanPatten.


In addition, you will see two other features on this site: fiction in English for all adult readers and Talkin’ L2 with BVP, the popular radio show/podcast for language acquisition and language teaching.

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