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Bill VanPatten

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Walter Hopkins

So Long! It's Been a Good Run!


Well, it's that time. Talkin' L2 with BVP is shuttering its doors after February 26. Combined with Tea with BVP, Bill, Walter, and Angelika have been at this for about five years. We thank all of our listeners and fans out there and wish everyone well. And as Bill likes to say, remember that language is special: that makes what you and your learners do special as well. 

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To listen to archived episodes click on one of the buttons below. Great for the treadmill at the gym! Archives episodes will be available until August 2020. 

You can also access episodes from our former show, Tea with BVP. 

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We are pleased to have Voces Digital as our February sponsor. Voces Digital offers a full range of materials for you and your students, featuring Nuestra historia and Notre histoire as online Comprehensible Input-based curricula for Spanish and French. These are ACTFL- and AP-aligned and offer compelling stories and culture based on high-frequency structures.

All materials are presented on a dynamic, easy-to-use online platform compatible with any device. Go to VocesDigital or call 800-848-0256 for a 20-day free trial. Or click on the Voces Ditigal logo to the left.

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