Sponsor an entire month (four consecutive weeks) of Talkin' L2 with BVP! As a show sponsor, you will receive the following:

1. Bill VanPatten will read a brief ad you submit (75 words or less) live on the show, which is then archived for future potential costumers to hear (current audience reach: 1000+).

2. Your logo with a link to your website will be sent out in our weekly email reminder (current audience reach: 2000+).

3. Your logo with a link to your website with a brief description (150 words or less) will also be placed on the Talkin' L2 website.

Sponsorships must be reviewed for approval before payments are made to ensure that the products being advertised match with the purposes of the show. Not all requests to sponsor a show can be granted. All ad copy must be positive in tone and not contain potentially offensive language. Talkin' L2 with BVP reserves the right to edit all ad copy to meet its standards for on air or website delivery or to ask for revisions in ad copy.

Please contact David Wiseman at contact@classroomtapas.com to make a request to sponsor a show and receive information about episode availability (only two sponsors are permitted per episode) before purchasing. Sponsorship requests will be considered in the order they are received.

We hope to give a shout-out to your company as a sponsor on an upcoming episode!

Sponsor Talkin' L2 with BVP