The 2020 Diva Lip Sync Contest

Below you will find the rules for the Diva Lip Synch Contest. Be sure to the follow the rules carefully so that you don't get disqualified!

  • Create a video in which you lip synch to a Bette Midler song and only a Bette Midler song.

  • You must be lip-synching. No animation, no substitutes. 

  • Have fun! Be passionate!

  • Send the video to us at talkinL2with and label the subject “YOUR NAME lip synch contest” (e.g., “Walter Hopkins lip synch contest”).

  • Include in the body of your email your name your email address and your phone number. DO NOT FORGET THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

  • You can begin submitting entries on January 22. The last day to submit is February 12.

  • Winner(s) will be announced on air February 19 and notified via email after that.